A look at Echo interior

Hi everyone,

As we posted on Facebook, Echo arrived on a freighter from England at the end of July to the Port of Baltimore. Echo was loaded on the deck of a freighter in Southampton UK and unloaded with the ship’s crane in Baltimore where we climbed aboard. Here is a video of the unload if you missed it.



Since meeting Echo in Baltimore we have been very busy with moving aboard and the huge variety of tasks that go with a new boat. We are finally getting nicely settled and wanted to start shooting some video to show you the boat.

We are finishing up in the Chesapeake and hope to be moving South very soon. We’ll let you know.

Following is a tour of the interior. Over the next couple of weeks we’ll try to get some info on the decks and sailing.



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27 Responses to A look at Echo interior

  1. Pat Harmon says:

    Can’t wait to go topside!
    Congratulations… She’s Magnificent!

  2. Gary & Darlene Locke (trans Atlantic cruise) says:

    Thanks so much for including us on these adventures. Can’t wait to see her sailing on the open seas!! Fabulous pics of your baby!! Hope the leg healed well.

  3. helenweigel says:

    the new Echo is so gorgeous! Where do you plan to go first?

  4. alfred hyde says:

    Fabulous! Well done. Happy to see back again.

  5. Cate and Dan Adams says:

    So excited to see your new home. What a beautiful vessel. I laughed when I saw there were no benches in the back like your previous Echo where we lost our keys. LOL Blessings for safe voyages.

  6. ed dluzynski says:

    Looks beautiful !!

  7. Julia Boland says:

    So spacious! Congratulations can’t wait to visit once this pandemic is over. Safe Travels.

  8. Congratulations on your new Bluewater 50! Thanks for sharing the interior tour. Please stop in at S&J Yachts Charleston (Safe Harbor Charleston City Marina), if you guys stop in Charleston. Best, Matt Malatich

  9. Timothy Pilzner says:

    Jeff & Mary
    Nice to see you guys on the grid again…if you are cruising by Jupiter the first weekend in December let us know, it would be great to see you guys
    Tim & Ellen

  10. Kathleen says:

    Looking fab. and great commentary. Good luck and God Bless with your future sailings

  11. Amy Lazar says:

    Wow, you guys!!! Great tour! Discovery will want permission to use your video! She is a beautiful boat! I’m glad to see you settled now in your long awaited new home! It’s nice to see your faces too!

  12. Joanie Oliver says:

    Beautiful! Thanks Jeff and Mary for the fascinating tour. Wishing you the very best in your adventures!

  13. Karen says:

    It s a really beautiful boat, Jeff. Congratulations! My only comment is that for a former landlubber, you sure have learned a lot about high tech life at sea!

  14. Mary Pat Monroe says:

    Wow. great! I enjoyed the tour

  15. Mickie Long says:

    The Echo is beautiful,congratulations to both of you! thank you for the wonderful tour. Happy Sailing !⚓️

  16. Curt says:

    Nice to hear from you! Be safe!

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