Wandering South

We arrived in West Palm Beach Florida a few weeks ago and have been enjoying warm weather and sunshine.  We recognize how fortunate we are to be traveling during this crazy, difficult time and hope you get some enjoyment from our story.


Of course our plan had been to take delivery in England, sail to Ireland then on to the Mediterranean but like everyone else, those plans changed dramatically.

For now there is no plan.  We’ll just keep moving along the Florida coast and enjoy the places we stop and people we meet along the way.  We’ll likely head around to the gulf side as we’ve yet to explore that coast by water.  

In early November we were still in the Chesapeake and anxious to move on and begin our journey. We did enjoy our stay at Maryland Yacht Club and time spent in Annapolis but we were looking forward to finally sailing Echo.  We headed out into the Atlantic at daybreak on November 6th in a dense fog bank and no resolution on the election results.  

Although it was a bit unnerving heading over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel with such poor visibility we had the opportunity to see how strong our new radar is. The new system is very sensitive to anything in it’s view and paints it clearly on the chart plotter. it also determines traffic which could be a conflict and paints it red. Very comforting in low visibility c0nditions!

We kept our TV on with a speaker in the cockpit following election results as long as we could but were without any update for several hours, we found this was unnerving too.   It was a relief once we got back in service to find several states had been called for Biden. Who could have imagined then how long things would drag on.   

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