On Passage

We are just finishing up our 4th day out and with 300 miles to go, we should arrive Culebra in the Spanish Virgins on Saturday.

Our only real difficulty has been that the wind has often been too light for sailing. So, we have resorted to running the motors to keep making progress. Although the wind has been light, it has always come from a useful direction allowing us to keep the sails up while the motor is running. “Motor Sailing” has allowed us to run just one of our engines at a time resulting in low fuel use and extended range.

Although there are always little things to attend, Echo continues to perform well. All systems go and we are very comfortable.

This bit of ocean is very empty. We have not heard any VHF radio traffic since leaving the Abaco coast. We have seen a couple of ships on radar but not closer than about 25 miles. I think the route we are taking is quite rare for cruising boats and is way too far offshore to see any coastal boats. Since our route is not a straight line between commercial ports, there is no reason for freighters to be near by either. The result is that we have the place to ourselves :)

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