Scenic Washington River Trip

Our son Brian owns a raft guiding company in Darrington Washington called Adventure Cascades.  (shameless commerce link here)  Last weekend Brian had a trip scheduled with just 2 guests so we had an opportunity to serve as ballast and tag along.

Brian offers trips at all levels of adventure from white knuckle rapids to calming floats.  We opted for a calming float.

We met Brian and guests Brooke and Tim from Skokie, IL at the Adventure Cascades base in Darrington on a beautiful Sunday morning.  Tim and Brooke were on vacation and wanted to experience a raft trip to go with their travels through the great Northwest.

For this trip Brian choose the Sauk River just below Darrington.  The water levels are down this time of year so the river is quite tame.  Slower water does not diminish the beauty of the river and our pace gave all of us time to view the scenery and wildlife.  Another benefit of floating this time of year is that we had the whole river to ourselves.  Not another boat sighted.

So, if you are looking for a way to get up close and personal with the Cascades, give Brian a call and schedule a trip!

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