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Although we are skipping many, many unblogged wonderful experiences not limited to our first granddaughter Fia Olive, wonderful cruising in Florida for for 2021 and a great winter in Bahamas for 2022, many visitors, many great sails…..

We wanted to post an update on what’s up right now.

When we ordered and built Echo our plan was to be cruising in Europe. Like so many dashed plans, this one was interrupted by COVID. Since we could not travel to U.K. to pick her up, we had her shipped to Baltimore.

We now have an opportunity to restart our European plans and to expedite we have decided to ship Echo back on a freighter. She loaded yesterday in Ft Lauderdale.

We will meet her in Southampton England June 14!

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22 Responses to News Flash

  1. Kelly says:

    Med cruising is going to be fun. Fair winds!

  2. Daniel Costanzo says:

    Awesome! I can’t wait to see pictures and read about this journey.

  3. Edith Perron says:

    great!! more great adventures await you! Carpe Diem!

  4. Cheryl Boland says:

    How wonderful! We’ll be spirit-sailing with you guys and vicariously living the adventures thru your stories and pictures. xoxoxo

  5. Eldred says:

    We’re cruising down the Rhine River from Amsterdam ’til we reach ~ Zurich, Switzerland. Then, we’ll motor over to Oberammergau for the decennial Passion Play … really looking forward to it …

  6. JoAnn Oliver says:

    Wonderful news for Mary and Jeff! Wishing you the best memory building adventures in an interesting part of the world. Stay well and safe! Joanie and JP

  7. Tim says:

    Jeff, how long are you in FL before headed to the UK….Tim

  8. Caitlín Firtéar says:

    Would be great if you can bring Echo to Dingle and sail past Fahan, best of luck with your travels

    • Mary says:

      Thanks Caitlín, hoping to head for Ireland as soon as we can. We’ll post info on how things go once we’re onboard in England. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  9. Joe MacDonald says:

    Wow,sounds amazing ‼️

  10. Oh my goodness how wonderful! What a fantastic adventure. I can’t wait to share your travels through the pictures you post. Mary Girl is a real trooper to do that ladder Sending much love and hugs to you both. Safe travels my Dear Ones. P.s. Fia will understand

  11. Bríd Long says:

    I’ll be in Brighton July 24-Aug 2 and Dublin Aug 26-Sept 5. Hope we’ll meet. xx

  12. Eldred Dal Baird says:

    Will you be cruising on the Rhine River the end of July? I don’t know if you can sail on a river.

  13. Wow, how exciting. Glad you’re making it happen. Have fun and stay safe. Love you both!

  14. Wow, how exciting. Glad you’re making it happen. Have fun and stay safe! Love you both!

    • Mary Hardy Tamasiunas says:

      WOW!! This is so exciting! Glad you’ll be able to resume your plans! Congratulations

      • Kurt Pernick says:

        Congrats you guys. Thanks for the very cool video. Great music too. Wow, the crew sure looked like they’ve loaded a few boats before. Very impressive. Speaking of impressive… way to handle that ladder climb Mary.

  15. Amy says:

    Fantastic! Glad to hear of your opportunity. Looking forward to some great posts and photos!

    • Bonnie says:

      It was wonderful to hear an update. So happy you are at last resuming your adventure. Love the video and music. You are always on my mind. Much love to you

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