A Fine Finish…

Our arrival in Waterford went well although it was accompanied with heavy rain and a very strong current.  We received assistance tying up from some River Rescue folks and had a perfect spot on the pontoon just steps from a wonderful pub with cold Guinness and warm seafood chowder.





We had a little bit of time before setting off on our road trip and began to trouble shoot a problem we were having with our windlass.  Back in Strangford Lough while raising the anchor I had been stunned with the great kelp monster attached to our anchor chain and inadvertently jammed the bridle line in the windlass.  It had been a challenge to get the kelp off the chain and anchor raised at the time and we had since discovered the windlass had been damaged in the process.  Research found that we would be unable to fix the problem in Waterford and would be without a windlass for some time.  Not a problem if we’re able to tie up to pontoons for the rest of the journey…


Quick stop at Inch Strand

With Echo secure we picked up a rental car and set out for Cork where we would be meeting my sister Ann.  Ann had arrived in Dublin and taken a train to Cork where we met her and all drove to Kerry.  Cousins from Minnesota were visiting and Ann was able to join them as well.  Great opportunity for Jeff and I to connect with everyone too!



It was another wonderful visit in Kerry.  More valuable time spent visiting with both our Irish family and the gang from Minnesota who we had not seen for quite some time.  These are daughters of my mom’s brother Mike Long; Ann, Theresa and Mary Kay along with Mary Kay’s daughter Meghan, her fiance Daniel and Theresa’s daughter Sarah.

We were also able to celebrate David’s birthday.  Fun time all around!


We were so fortunate to meet up with the visitors from the US and to spend more time with our family in Ireland.


The travelers continued their visit and we said our goodbyes to head back to Echo.  It was now mid September and we needed to be making our way back to England where Echo would spend the winter.  We did have a few days to explore Waterford before a good weather window back to England.  It is a pretty touristy town but lots of history to learn about, we enjoyed our time there.



Circumnavigation of Ireland Summer 2022

This chart represents our track around Ireland.  We arrived in Baltimore Ireland on the morning of July 10 and departed from Waterford on the morning of September 23.  From the chart you can see there is a small bit of the south coast which we did not stop in but we did visit by land while driving to Cork.  Although a smallish Island, we managed to sail about 1,500 miles on our circumnavigation. It is an amazing country and coastline which we feel privileged to have sailed around.



We were recently reminded of how fortunate this time with family is when my cousin Denis Boland died earlier this month.  We are so thankful for time spent with he and his family.  May you rest in peace Denis and thanks for the wonderful Irish breakfasts you and Mary made for us over the years.





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7 Responses to A Fine Finish…

  1. Geoff GM8OFQ says:

    Good to meet you on air Jeff – hope we can meet if you manage to get up to Orkney. I’m on 40m most afternoons/evenings so call if you hear me!
    Fair winds and calm seas,,,
    Geoff and Christine
    Ocean View

  2. Bruce Eastman says:

    Looks like an Alberg design boat on the dock across from you.

  3. Amy says:

    So did the windlass get fixed yet? Beware of the dreaded kelp monster! Very cool to see you’ve been able to meet up with so many family members. I think it’s fun to hear of how you met up with your sister from Michigan and cousins from Minnesota all the way in Ireland. How small our world seems to me sometimes! I am sorry to hear of the passing of your cousin, Denis.

  4. Bridget Eastman says:

    Thanks for the great photos .

  5. Noreen Danca says:

    Love your posts! Looks like you had great weather (for pictures anyway ). We first generation Irish are so fortunate to be able to spend fave to face time with our families in Ireland. Safe travels this coming summer.

  6. Joe MacDonald says:

    Great pictures ‼️

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